Artemisia dracunculus

Scientific Name: Artemisia L. (Asteraceae) dracunculus L.

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Annie's Heirloom Seeds Hudsonville Michigan
Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds Mansfield Missouri
Burpee, W. Atlee, & Co. Warminster Pennsylvania
Davidson Greenhouse & Nursery, Inc. Crawfordsville Indiana
E & R Seed LLC Monroe Indiana
Gardens Alive! Lawrenceburg Indiana
Growers Exchange Sandston Virginia
Jardin du Gourmet St. Johnsbury Ctr. Vermont
Mountain Valley Growers, Inc. Squaw Valley California
Natural Gardening Company Petaluma California
Perennial Pleasures Nursery East Hardwick Vermont
Richters Goodwood Ontario
Rohrer Seeds Smoketown Pennsylvania
Seeds from Italy Lawrence Kansas
Tasteful Garden Heflin Alabama
Territorial Seed Company Cottage Grove Oregon
Winter Greenhouse Winter Wisconsin
Nursery Name City State / Province
Ball Seed Co. West Chicago Illinois
Davidson Greenhouse & Nursery, Inc. (W) Crawfordsville Indiana
Germania Seed Company Chicago Illinois
Glacial Ridge Growers Glenwood Minnesota
Jolly Farmer Northampton New Brunswick
Mountain Valley Seed Co Salt Lake City Utah
NESeed (W) Hartford Connecticut
North Carolina Farms, Inc. Indian Trail North Carolina
Park Seed Wholesale Greenwood South Carolina
Pick of the Planet/Wit's End Growers Greenland New Hampshire
Plant Source International/PSI Rogers Minnesota
Rush Creek Growers Inc. Spring Valley Wisconsin
South Cedar Greenhouses Farmington Minnesota
Swift Greenhouses Inc. Gilman Iowa
Twilley, Otis S., Seed Co., Inc. Hodges South Carolina

Taxonomy Levels

Artemisia dracunculus

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